Who we are

Pesa Productions is a content-driven creative production company, specialising in premium events and creative content. Our core values manifest via pragmatic and visionary approach to production, with a keen awareness of intergenerational and intercultural nuances.

We view content and events as opportunities to communicate ideas, incubate creativity and promote greater empathy, fostering better business and social cohesion. It is our belief that fair, multifaceted and inclusive representation in digital and physical space, can allow individuals and brands to reach their truest potential and enact positive change.

Through our tailored consultations, we are able to develop a bespoke, sustainable strategy which aligns with your core brand ideals. Whether it be a new live event experience, creative content and or the formulation of new brand partnerships, our goal is to build tangible outcomes you can measure for engaging new audiences, enhancing your brand reputation or unlocking new revenue streams.

Headquartered in London; we thrive at the intersections of art, music, technology and fashion, bringing in your target audience to optimise and shape your engagement strategy fostering authentic inclusion.

What we do

Brand Partnerships

Our combined experience working within the corporate and creative sphere has given us access to a broad range of contacts, networks and innovative practices. We are able to leverage this knowledge to provide valuable insights into youth, underground culture and the taste makers shaping future trends. Through brand consultations, Pesa Productions can apply this information to a business need, informing the formation of imaginative brand partnerships which produce mutually beneficial outcomes.

Event Production

We do not produce events without a reason, but rather develop a holistic strategy built around specific objectives. Through our tried and tested process, we can demonstrate the power of events as a viable solution to your most critical challenges such as: engaging new audiences, deepening relationships with existing consumers, generate sales leads, revitalise your database or promoting a new product/service.

Content Generation

As well as events, Pesa Productions can create content aligned to your brand image, narrative and messaging. Our services can encompass a wide range of mediums including podcasting, graphics, photography, editorial, visual. It is imperative that organisations undertake a multi-channel approach to their brand experience appealing to as many of the human senses as possible.

Brand strategy, Marketing & PR

We maximise your brand image, allowing you to engage your target audience at the right place at the right time. By employing our inclusive network of media outlets, influencers and community groups we can shape your marketing efforts to reach previously untapped audiences with the right messaging.

Much more than a production company

We are pragmatic visionaries who breath new life into brand communication and experiences, whilst empowering creatives to realise their ideas.

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