(Featured image MYKKI BLANCO - “HIGH SCHOOL NEVER ENDS” FEAT. WOODKID DIRECTED BY MATT LAMBERT) We caught up with Jannis Birsner, a Berlin-based Producer working at Iconoclast, specialising in music videos, content, art and fashion. Jannis has worked with some of industry's most established brands and collaborators including Nike, Kendrick Lamar, Mykki Blanco, Givenchy, MCM, 032c, Stefano Pilati, Vogue, Arte and

(Featured image by Christina Ebenezer for MODELS.COM x LEOMIE ANDERSON) In the world of photography, so much emphasis is often placed on the final image! The work and preparation that goes into creating some of the most recognised and beautiful images shot by renowned photographers, is often overlooked. This can sometimes come as a shock to those entering the industry, with

(Featured image from Hermès 'Fast Forward Men' Fashion Film. Directed by Builders Club) The title "Creative Producer" versus "Producer" are sometimes at odds with one another and it's often unclear how to distinguish the two, or what qualifies an individual to hold the title of Creative Producer. In an age when many individuals and brands are recognising the value of creativity, does

Terms & Conditions - Legal Clinic for Creatives Join us at WeWork in February to understand how to protect yourself and your work from a legal standpoint We are so excited to announce that we are collaborating with intern magazine to bring you Terms & Conditions - Legal advice for creatives. This is the first in a series of events which sets out to empower the next generation